About VIXI

Victoria Sybrandi (VIXI) was born in 1971 in England and brought up in the Netherlands. She has a bachelor's degree in (Art) Education (Amsterdam) and was awarded two grants to study Art at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Bologna. She combines painting with art teaching at a secondary school.

VIXI's work is realistic, and generally focuses on people. Alongside commissioned portraits, people also play a major part in her non-commissioned artwork. A good example of this is a series on her family based on old family photographs, in which she has captured her family history with its international background.

Her recent work is based on current events and (recent) world history inspired on news reports and photographs in newspapers and the internet. In this way, VIXI allows her political commitment to percolate into her paintings, not as standard images but in an unusual and sometimes comical or confrontational fashion. Her work reflects her view of the world in combination with the social problems of our time such as racism, discrimination, terrorism, the refugee crisis and climate change.

VIXI has a preference for oils, but she also experiments with other materials and combinations of materials.

For more information about her work or commissions, please contact her.

Suspicion II